Baby Lily

April 25, 2017 - 2 minutes read

It’s hard to believe that this gorgeous little girl is 4 months already, gosh, I am so behind in blogging these images of her, I have been meaning to show you all for weeks!     Newborn shoots are amongst my favourites to shoot, I get my baby fix (and believe me I still need it, even after having 4 little people myself!) and mummies and daddies get to have images of their beautiful babies in the their first few weeks of life. Images that they can really treasure; freezing a moment in time that is so so special. We all know how quickly they change, and it’s a time that more often than not when we are sleep deprived, we tend to forget. A beautiful milestone to photograph, that’s for sure. I’m always completely privileged to be asked.

So let’s back track to a chilly day in January when I met dear little Lily. Lily was an amazing early Christmas gift for her lovely Mummy and Daddy, born a few days before Christmas. A little bundle of Christmas joy. She was 2 weeks to the day when I photographed her, and as you will see from these pictures completely scrumptious. Lily was the perfect model baby: wide awake at the beginning of the session so I could capture those beautiful big blue eyes, to fast asleep and all cosy and curled up by the end of the session. Perfect for those sleepy poses, so cute.

I love to capture a variation of poses and images within my sessions and we certainly got to capture quite a few with little Lily. The perfect little model already.

Thanks to her lovely Mummy and Daddy for choosing me, she is a joy.

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