If you go down to the woods today……..

January 24, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Oh how i love family sessions. They’re full of laughter, non stop chat, happiness, adventure and above all so much fun. I like to choose a beautiful field, a gorgeous wood, beside the sea (I travel all over the place!) or anywhere of natural beauty. It has to be somewhere where the children can have fun, run free and most importantly just be themselves. This is when you get the BEST pictures, the most natural pictures. I adore capturing those moments. Having 4 children of my own I am use to entertaining, goofing around and generally being a silly fool. Believe me when I say i have mastered blowing raspberries, pretending to fall over and singing nursery rhymes!

I was just about to put one picture on Facebook of this fabulous session I had just before Christmas, but I couldn’t choose just one. I really wanted to share the whole session with you.

This little trio were a blast. Full of energy (Christmas was in a few days and the excitement levels were high) and they were just so so cute together. We roamed through the gorgeous woods of Marlow Common. It’s amazing there, it has the old trenches which were made before/during the war for the soldiers to practise in. The children loved running through them and playing hide-and-seek. The colours were incredible. Even though the trees had lost all their leaves, there was so much beauty from the rich rusts of the ferns to the long grass and one single hay bale that we found in the connecting field. They had great fun with that; climbing up it and jumping off!


Here are a few of my favourites. Thank you to their lovely mummy, Tabitha, for choosing me. You have an amazing little family. I had a ball with them.


Look at that smile and those colours!


Little beauty.


Such a lovely big brother.