Introducing Molly & George

May 10, 2017 - 3 minutes read

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to photograph gorgeous newborn twins, George and Molly. Oh my, how cute they were. It was my first newborn twin shoot so it was really special for me.

I have so much admiration for parents with twins. Having one baby at a time is hard enough, especially in the early stages, but two at the same time — wow! That is completely amazing isn’t it?

New Mummy and Daddy, Lisa and Adam made it look super easy though. They were so organised and chilled, like they had been parenting for years and already had their routine down to a T! And the babies were just shy of 2 weeks – amazing! I also met the babies lovely Grandad who popped in to check on his dear little grandchildren. He was absolutely smitten, which was so lovely to see. It reminded me of when my little ones first met their grandparents. What an incredibly special time.

It was such a lovely shoot. The babies were so good and settled really well. I was christened by dear little George half way through the shoot, but hey that’s what you get when you take a baby’s nappy off when they have just been fed! It certainly is not the first time a little one named George has pooped on me that’s for sure, and I should know by now that is bound to happen, right?

Molly with her beautiful mop of dark hair looked so much like her Daddy and George who is a gorgeous blondie looks like his lovely Mummy – both super super cute. I loved photographing them, especially to see how they settled so quickly when they were placed together. The bond twins have is rather incredible. They were a complete joy to photograph.

Thank you to Lisa and Adam for the honour.

It was hard choosing just a few pictures from this shoot, there were 137 in the end!! Here are a few to whet your appetite, oh yes and a little challenge for you – try not to get broody!!

George just chillin’

Molly – so alert, what a cutie.

Happy in his Dad’s arms

And my favourite….